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Fall Gathering Leadership Lab

Location : Dogwood 11-13

Lead : Darrell Cook & Chelsea Anderson

We will examine leadership through the lens of the Christ follower, focusing on the areas of heart, beliefs, and fruit. Leaders Chelsea Anderson and Darrell Cook will weave in a few stories, some rich discussion, a good dose of biblical encouragements, and a short look at future opportunities with Kairos Leadership Initiative.

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A lifestyle of PRAYER

Location : Dogwood 14-15

Lead : Mason West

In the Christian’s life prayer is an essential element for how to continue a true walk with God! In this session we will talk about different elements of prayer that lead to a lifestyle of keeping a heart on fire for Jesus. This session will be full of tips and ideas for how to make sure prayer is a part of our everyday (dare I say, every moment) life! (Jude 1:20)

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No Really, You Can Actually Change

Location : Dogwood 16-18

Leads : Scott Anderson

My dad used to say that no one ever changes. As a younger person that bothered me; “Of course people can change,” I thought. But as I got older, his pessimism started to make more sense to me. I get stuck all the time in destructive patterns and behaviors. So, it seems, does everyone else. Perhaps God doesn’t care about our actions and he only wants us to think the right thing. Or maybe we can’t really expect to change; we need only be really sorry about our bad behavior. But does thinking about my behavior negate God’s grace?


The reality is this: The Biblical narrative expects the Christian life to be one of change. And it expects it to be difficult. Come catch a vision for the possibility of change and hear some things to consider as we try see it happen.

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Be Anxious for Nothing?

Location : Dogwood 19-20

Lead : Yana Jenay

Paul commands believers not to be anxious about anything. How can he demand such a thing? Doesn't he know how dangerous and fear-inducing the world is? In this seminar, we will examine Paul's seemingly unreasonable command, learn how to healthily engage with the anxiety we will experience in this world, and discuss how to live in it with a less anxious presence.

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Masterpiece - For We Are God's Masterpiece

Location : Sigmon 30 (Lower Level)

Leads : Brandess Holmes

In Ephesians 2:10, God says we are his masterpiece and that it’s through Jesus that we are empowered to do the good things he planned for us long ago. During this session, we will be reflecting on this verse and creating our own “masterpiece” with Holy Spirit.

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Women in Ministry: Discernment, Resources, and a Personal Testimony of Empowerment

Location : Sigmon 31 (Lower Level)

Lead : Jordann McMahan

Come hear from a current seminary student from Virginia who has wrestled through her own calling from God. During this session, we will explore resources and have several copies of a reflection from a leading Pauline scholar on Women in Ministry available for anyone interested.

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Word of God, Speak..but How Do We Listen?

Location : Sigmon 42 (Upper Level)

Lead : Jennifer Mullins

2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that all scripture is God-breathed and useful for many purposes so that we may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. And in Romans 15:4, we are told that through scripture we have hope. So how do we study the Bible better to find this hope? What disciplines help us hear God clearer thru His Word? What are some Bible study basics and tips that would help us deepen our relationship with Jesus and encourage others as well? He is speaking and teaching… let us not miss it.




Bonfire & S'mores

Picnic Pavilion

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Pizza & Trivia


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Free Time Activities

Saturday Afternoon


Rec Fields




Gaga Ball

Nine Square in-the-air

Corn Hole


(Pick up balls at the registration desk in Voight)

Across the Pedestrian Bridge

Hiking Trails

Basketball Courts

Frisbee Golf

(Pick up disks and map at the registration desk in Voight)



Eagle Eyrie Shops

Eagle Eyrie Coffee Shop & Ice cream Shop

Downtown Lynchburg (20 Min Drive)

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