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Webinar | College Interrupted: What Now?

This Fall colleges and universities around the country face the challenges of inviting students to campus and returning to instruction safely. Some have opted for online only instruction, others have delayed their move in dates and start dates, some have restricted access to campus while others have tried to operate as close to business as usual as they reasonably can. Some who have opened are now shutting back down and sending students home.

In these unprecedented times our local congregational leaders find themselves in a unique predicament – many of the students they expected to be away at school, are still around, at home and in the community. So, What Now?

During this webinar we will:

- Share practical guidance for ministers who are used to sending their college students away, and now find that they’re back home

- Encourage compassion for students, parents and ministers - acknowledging the strain and fatigue caused by this significant interruption

- Embrace the opportunity to take risks and experiment with new expressions of ministry

Our students are dealing with a lot right now. So are those who are called to minister to them. As we pray that God’s grace would cover each of us in this time, we also encourage one another as we work together to continue in the mission that God has called us to.

This one-hour webinar is for all those who minister alongside students and their families.

The Kairos Initiative of the BGAV equips young adult ministers who develop leaders to pursue a life of mission.


Watch the Webinar


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