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A Prayer for 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Gracious and sovereign God,

You mark our days and nights, our beginnings and ends,

Our months and our years.

You step from eternity into time through each promise You keep in Your covenant relationship with us,

Your beloved.

You promise pardon from our sins.

We pray for Your pardon.

You promise peace in our hearts and minds,

Peace in the world.

We pray for Your peace.

You promise to make all things new.

We pray for new possibilities, for new opportunities and new blessings.

You promise Your presence and provision.

We pray for a profound appreciation for the many blessings we have already received.

As we enter a new year,

We may be tempted to frankly ask that it would be better than the year before.

But that would be too simple a prayer.

As we enter a new year,

We pray that Your will would be done. We pray that Your Kingdom would come,

On earth as it is in heaven.

We pray that You would find us faithful,

And we pray that in our faithfulness,

We would delight in You

And delight in the love we share with those You love.

Brothers and sisters,

Friends and strangers,

Even our enemies.

As we enter a new year,

We pray that You would give us clear eyes to see where You are at work in the world.

We pray that You would give us pure hearts to love one another as You love us.

We pray that You would give us renewed minds to imagine what can and ought to be.

And we pray for health and strength, that we might embody and enliven Your mission in the world,

To make visible for all to see,

The goodness and the graciousness of You, our God.

Our humble prayer for 2021 is that we would live and love more like Jesus,

That we would experience the life giving power and presence of the Holy Spirit

And that we would worship You,

Our God who loves us, our God who saves us.



Welford Orrock

Kairos Initiative Coordinator


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