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A Prayer for 2022

Our Precious Heavenly Father,

I thank you for bringing us through another year. I thank you for ways you have blessed us over this past year. I thank you for the ways you have comforted us in the midst of grieve, and have offered us hope in the difficult moments.

I celebrate the beginning of this new year. I celebrate the opportunities and possibilities that it holds in store.

Lord as we enter this new year, I pray that your blessing be upon us. I pray that you fill us with your Holy Spirit and give us the strength needed for what lies ahead.

I pray that 2022 would be a year filled with blessings for our ministries and ministers. I pray that it would be a year where we lean more on you Lord and less on ourselves. I pray that it would a year filled with us in Your Holy and magnificent Word.

I pray that You would give us vision and direction for this year. I pray that as we lead and dream for what this year could be, that we would be seeking your will and your plan for this year. I pray that we would lead from a place of seeking to serve You, Oh Lord. I pray that our motives and desires would come from an overflowing love for You.

I pray that this would be a year spent in adoration of You, praising Your Holy Name. I pray that our hearts would be full of the desire to know You better, Oh Lord.

All these things I pray in Your most Precious and Holy Name.



Rev. Austin Williams

BCM Director, Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College


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