A strong emphasis was placed on ministry through relationships, believing that even language and cultural barriers can not stop the gospel message



Both in schools and small villages, students invested time in the younger generation while crafting, story-telling, and gaming 



Romania is a country both similar and mysterious to life in America. Cars still drive on the right but dogs don’t bark, they say “ham ham”. Friends is commonly watched on TV but ketchup is commonly put on pizza. Of course we are also separated by a language barrier but God quickly acted in our team to show us that his beauty and power are completely transcendent of all things. We were always provided with either a friend who could translate or smiles and actions that God could work through and the differences that we approached our Romanian brothers and sisters with was quickly set aside by our unity in Christ.

Our time in Romania was split between the towns of Lugoj (sounds like lew-go-sh) and Hațeg (sounds like hot-zeg), both of which are in the western part of Romania. In both areas we paired up with a local church and worked with them to share the gospel and to encourage other brothers and sisters in Christ in the churches area of influence. Although we would never know what was happening two days in advance, our team ended up with a constant stream of people to encourage and interact with. Some of the daily activities included teaching classes in school, singing to 25 people in a village church, singing to 500 people in a city church, loving youth in orphanages, sharing testimonies in a prison, praying for shut ins, leading worship in a Roma village, playing games in youth group, hanging out with locals, volleyball tournaments, going on wilderness adventures with church members, and praying for our countries together. Every single moment was God held and as we practiced being present, God presented us with ways to allow himself to overflow from our team and encourage those around us.


 -written by Adam W.

Romania Team 2016




Students had the opportunity to attend church services and share personal gospel testimonies while abroad


Adam W.                      Richmond, VA

"Every single moment was God held and as we practiced being present, God presented us with ways to allow himself to overflow from our team and encourage those around us."

Virginia O.                 Richmond, VA

"Before traveling to Romania we were all told to just 'go' and 'be.' Despite our language barriers and cultural differences, we got to fully experience what the living church looks like through our Romanian brothers and sisters by doing exactly that."

Eric M.                             Bluefield, VA

“The group engaged in team-bonding experiences, while reaching out to local communities to spread the love of Christ. Although the Church in Romania has a lot left to accomplish, the love and desire for God is evident in the lives of the Romanian people.”

Haley B.                      Blacksburg, VA

"This trip taught me what it meant to rely on God's strength and to be still and know that God is in control. He provided in so many ways for our team and the people of Romania with whom we encountered."

Rachel C.                    Blacksburg, VA

"I got to experience first hand the 'one accord' Paul talks about in Acts. We didn't speak the same language, have the same background, live in the same culture as our Romanian partners but when we served, worshiped, and prayed all together we did so as one body."

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