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5 Community Commitments

for Healthy &

Holy Witness

in the age of COVID

Fall Gathering 2017-Chelsea Anderson Pho

If there is one word used more than any other in the past 5-6 months it’s the word disruption. COVID-19 has certainly disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives, and with disruption comes the need for adaptation. How do we stay faithful to our mission while adjusting our practices to account for new obstacles and opportunities? 


On the one hand this season of adaptation has challenged us to explore new, and often unfamiliar, ways of relating safely with one another. On the other hand the church has been invited to embrace aspects of our identity and mission that are not new at all, but have been with us all along. When all the comforts of our programs and productions are stripped away, and our priorities are so dramatically rearranged we are still left with the questions who are we to be and how then shall we live, in light of the love of Christ in our lives?


Below are 5 commitments that we can reaffirm in the age of COVID. These commitments are grounded in scripture and the theological convictions of the family of God and lead us to very practical ways of relating to one another that honor Christ and honor each other. Take some time to reflect on these commitments in your community as you determine “This is what we WILL do, because of who God has CALLED us to be!” 

In Christ shaped community we…

  • Honor each other’s HEALTH

  • Honor each other’s TIME

  • Honor each other’s HEARTS

  • Honor each other’s SPACE

  • Honor each other’s UNITY



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